Are Personal Injury Settlements Categorized As Taxable Income?

As someone who has been struck by difficulty due to someone else’s negligence, you’ve most likely found yourself in the process of receiving a personal injury settlement. With a lawyer by your side, you’ve likely spent some time arguing and negotiating opposing arguments to show just how much is owed to you. At this rate, […]

Explaining the 5 Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

For many years, many people have failed to realize that any harm to them or their property that’s caused by the negligence of another person can fall under a personal injury case. While a significant amount of these cases never go to trial, the defendants often settle for an agreed-upon amount to compensate them for […]

What Injuries Are Covered By Personal Injury Law in New York

Personal injury law is one of the more in-demand forms of law practice, as many kinds of damages to a person’s health and life can occur in daily life. Navigating an injury suit can be difficult without the proper help, which is why it’s always essential to have a legal counsel in New York to […]

What to Expect If Partially at Fault in a New York Car Accident

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