Parking Lot Accidents: Who Should Really Be At Fault

Parking lots are necessary parts of the road, but many drivers would agree that they simply equate to the challenge of extreme patience and skill. Getting the parking process right can be regarded as a rite of passage, but one that can be extremely dangerous. 

Parking lots are home to buzzing activities, with other vehicles entering and parking, shoppers trying to get their bags loaded on their trunks, and even pedestrians trying to cross the space. All these are potential hazards and must be avoided at all times. 

Unfortunately, no matter hard we try, disaster can strike at any time. Just like the road, there are rules to follow in the parking lot. The most pressing rule, however, is to simply take care of other people’s cars and avoid pedestrians. 

But what happens when you find yourself dealing with a parking lot accident? Here is a quick and easy guide to follow:

What are the most common types of parking lot accidents?

  • A moving driver hits a parked car: This is one of the most common accidents in a parking lot, especially since it involves damaging another person’s car. Unfortunately, this also includes chipping another’s car paint as you open your door and other similar accidents. Whatever the case, so long as your car is moving, you will be deemed at fault. You are legally obligated to look for the owner, as anything less will be considered a hit and run.
  • Two cars colliding while parking: This is also a common occurrence, usually happening when one or both the drivers aren’t paying close attention to space. In such instances, these accidents can be seen as both drivers’ faults. 
  • A driver hitting another vehicle while leaving the parking spot: Failing to look before moving leads to such accidents and almost always, the driving leaving the parking space will be deemed at fault. This is regardless of whether they’re moving or stationary.

Other scenarios:

  • When a fault cannot be found: If both drivers are backing out to leave the parking spot and end up colliding, no fault will be found. 
  • Pedestrian accidents: Unfortunately, you will likely be deemed at fault when it comes to parking lot accidents regarding pedestrians. However, a pedestrian could be found at fault should negligence be proven.

How can you properly avoid parking lot accidents?

As previously stated, disaster can strike at any time. It’s vitally important to remain cautious at all times, as this is simply the best way to avoid accidents. You’ll need to drive as slowly as possible, and even more carefully than you would exhibit on the road. 

Make sure to leave your parking lot spaces carefully, making sure that there are no pedestrians or vehicles approaching. Should disaster indeed strike, the best thing you can do is to not be at fault for anything!

The Bottom Line

Although parking lots are generally seen as a challenging (and therefore safer) part of driving, parking lot accidents are very much real. You could end up damaging another one’s car, running over a pedestrian, or colliding with another vehicle. Such accidents can occur at any time, and it’s wise to always proceed with caution.

Should the inevitable happen, however, it’s best to enlist the help of a lawyer handling car accidents. New York’s Housenbold Law offers you the best in the industry, dedicated to helping you attain the justice you deserve. We’re available 24/7 for a consultation—contact us today.