What Injuries Are Covered By Personal Injury Law in New York

Personal injury law is one of the more in-demand forms of law practice, as many kinds of damages to a person’s health and life can occur in daily life. Navigating an injury suit can be difficult without the proper help, which is why it’s always essential to have a legal counsel in New York to back you up. 

Compensation for injuries is essential in this field, as it helps you recoup your losses, whether income or emotional. Personal injury law can apply to any injuries that an entity causes to another person provided that the action was intentional, negligent, or reckless. These instances can allow compensation for damages in most cases. 

Inclusions of Personal Injury Law in New York

A legal counsel in New York assists in getting compensation for injuries caused by vehicular accidents, instances of slip and fall or trip and fall due to unsafe property conditions, and others. Most of these happen due to neglecting responsibilities, such as driving under the influence, not maintaining properties during the winter months, and other misconduct. Medical practitioners can also be charged with a case, along with law enforcement and other professionals who cause damage to other people’s lives. 

Auto accidents are one of the most common instances wherein a party claims compensation for injuries. These accidents can damage both the vehicle and a person’s health due to the hospital bills caused by harsh impacts. New York also acknowledges construction site accidents, as stated in the New York Labor Law 240 and 241. Negligence of responsibilities and the safety of others around can be a cause of harsh penalties. 

Additionally, there can be instances where products purchased from companies can cause injuries. When there are not enough warning labels or steps in the instruction manual, and someone gets hurt, product liability can be filed for compensation for damages. 

Some of the more common personal injury cases in New York are battery and assault, which happen in areas like Manhattan and surrounding locations. Others can also file police misconduct for instances where they were wrongly arrested or done so against their rights.

Emotional Distress

Emotional distress is also covered by personal injury as a mental or reputational injury. These cases often include libel or slander, which are defamation of character. False accusations are also covered, as jailed people accused of rape or domestic violence are increasing. Time in jail means life taken away from a person, which can damage life and reputation. 

Many false accusations damage a person’s life, as penalties gained through the justice system stay on a person’s record forever. These penalties can affect how people get a job and live life after the events have transpired. While they aren’t physical injuries, they can damage a person’s spirit and mental well-being. 


Personal injury law goes way past physical injuries. Many cases of today are also found to have false accusations, and the internet has made slander and libel occurrences more prominent. No matter what case falls upon your lap, it pays to invest in the services of a legal counsel in New York to ensure that resolution goes in the right direction. 

Housenbold Law is a legal counsel in New York that deals with personal injury law in the area. If you have incurred any injuries resulting from negligence or reckless behavior of others, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to assist. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get compensation for injuries.