Wrongful Arrest/Police Misconduct

When police wrongly arrest innocent civilians, they cause severe harm to the individual arrested, and those victims wrongfully arrested may file a lawsuit for money damages. Even if you are only detained for a few hours, a false arrest wrongly takes away your freedom and may severely disrupt your life. If you have been falsely arrested, and the charges against you were thrown out without you admitting fault, or if you won the case at trial, then you may be able to get money damages against the municipality and police officers who arrested you.

If you have been injured or abused by the police, you may be able to file a civil rights lawsuit for excessive force. This means it may be possible to sue the police for using force against you without justification. Examples of police brutality could include being punched, kicked, thrown to the ground, beaten, struck with batons, pepper sprayed or tasered.

Claims for money damages are often the most effective way to stop police misconduct and false arrests than filing internal complaints with the police department. Please call us so we can obtain the information needed to figure out whether you are entitled to money damages.